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The Profits In Pajamas Podcast shares a work-with-ease perspective. Helping listeners leave grind culture going from booked and busy to paid and well-rested. 

I share my experience, perspective, and wisdom about creating a life focused on your personal success story not just industry milestones that aren't tied to your why. 

I also bring on guests who share their expertise in their respective fields. In our casual conversations, we share gems about finding healing, harmony, and fulfillment. All in our Pjs of course!

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Being a Business Owner can be challenging but that doesn't mean you can't work with ease. If you are ready to leave the grind and start profiting in your pajamas, listen in:

  • Tips and actionable-advice
  • Guest experts
  • Real-life experiences and lifestyle pointers 


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I hope people are tuning in because the conversations are so helpful and the lil tidbits are so worth the listen.

Michelle Scott

Bella's Balloon Decor, LLC

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Julia Cylla

I take pleasure in listening to the Profits in Pajamas podcast episodes hosted by Danielle. She has a unique talent for connecting her audience with the right message that resonates with them during each episode.

Dr. Tamika Webb

Your podcast has been instrumental to me navigating the next steps of my career. Although I am not a business owner, the tips provided have been key to me making moves and efforts to take my career to the next level. Thank you.

Khadijah Tention Aytch

Thank you for this podcast. I truly enjoy them and have gathered great nuggets from it. It has really strengthened my brand.

Meet the mind behind Profits in Pajamas

Danielle Detiege

Host and Work with Ease Coach

As a luxury brand owner and coach, Danielle will share with you the work with ease lifestyle. She believes that while being a business owner requires work, you can have balance and enjoy your life. Listen in to get tips on how to structure your business to reclaim your peace and time. 

Follow Coach Danni D to find out more about her programs and services to help you get out of your own way and get into action creating a successful fulfilled life!

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We cover topics including working with ease, finances, mental health, self-care, business and professional growth, and more...

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