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Profits in Pajamas is where we talk about how to work with ease as a small business owner. Let's discuss how to set up your business so that you can enjoy your life!

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Being a Business Owner can be challenging but that doesn't mean you can't work with ease. If you are ready to leave the grind and start profiting in your pajamas, listen in:

  • Tips and actionable-advice
  • Guest experts
  • Real-life experiences and lifestyle pointers 


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I hope people are tuning in because the conversations are so helpful and the lil tidbits are so worth the listen.

Michelle Scott

Bella's Balloon Decor, LLC

Learn How to Build Your Luxury Brand and Work with Ease!

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Meet the mind behind Profits in Pajamas

Danielle Detiege

Host and Luxury Brand Coach

As a luxury brand owner and coach, Danielle will share with you the work with ease lifestyle. She believes that while being a business owner requires work, you can have balance and enjoy your life. Listen in to get tips on how to structure your business to reclaim your peace and time. 

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