Episode 010: Focusing Your Creative Energy

In this episode, Coach Danni D and guest Angela Hawkins, the Founder and CEO of Bamblu discuss the challenges of being a creative entrepreneur. We discussed how to channel your creative energy to focus on your business goals and how to outsource or hire for the areas that you are weak in.

NOTE: Apologies for the technical issues but the episode content is worth the minor glitches!

Angela Page Hawkins is an innovative entrepreneur with a diverse career that merges her passion for business, creativity, and design. As CEO and Founder of Le Creatif Linen (Bamblu), a sleep company that offers eco-friendly bamboo linen and solutions for self-care and relaxation, she is on a mission to provide sleep solutions to help her customers get the rest they need so they can live the lives they want. For over 20 years, Angela led a successful career in corporate America, working in managerial accounting, finance, and marketing for the world’s largest beverage company, The Coca-Cola Company. You can order your sleepwear and linen at www.bamblu.co or follow @bamblusleep on Instagram and join the Bamblu sleep lounge FB community.


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Coach Danni D (Danielle Detiege) is a Luxury Brand Coach helping Woman Business Owners to create luxury brands and enjoy their lives. Stay in touch with Coach Danni D by following her @yourworkflow on Instagram. www.coachdannid.com

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