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Looking for a dynamic speaker to captive your audience?

Coach Danni D's (Danielle Detiege) style invites her listeners to relax and be entertained while being educated. She has a down-to-earth relatable delivery that helps to present her subject matter in a unique way that is easily received by the listener. She brings a fresh perspective to her topics and makes the listener think about things in new and creative ways. Coach Danni D balances comforting and challenging her audience as they transition through awareness and growth.

Available for in-person and virtual events!

Signature Talks:

  • The Capable and Confident You! Ditch Imposter Syndrome!Ā 
  • Detox Your Calendar to Reclaim YourĀ Life
  • Unlocking Your Super Power: Using Your Gifts to Walk in Your Purpose!
  • Do You OWN Your Business or Does Your Business OWN You?
  • How to Get Unstuck and Get into Action
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Other Topics:

  • Networking and Intentional Relationship BuildingĀ 
  • Working With Ease
  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Attraction
  • Time Freedom
  • Productivity
  • Luxury Client Experience

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Work with Ease is a Lifestyle!

Coach Danni D shares with her listeners how to achieve a work-with-ease lifestyle. Her mission is to help businesswomen to leave grind culture and find fulfillment in their lives and businesses. Coach Danni D shares her outlook and experience, and invites her guest experts to do the same. 

Listen to the Profits in Pajamas Podcast Here

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