Episode 065: Identifying Signs of Stress in Our Bodies

In this episode, Coach Danni D and her guest Dominiece Clifton discuss the importance of recognizing and creating a coping skills for signs of stress in the body. They also discuss having a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

• Stress management, trauma recovery, and cultural wellness.
• Burnout, self-worth, and healing.
• Internalized oppression and self-care for Black women.
• Internalized trauma and its impact on mental health.
• Dealing with past traumas and inner child healing.
• Self-awareness and burnout prevention.
• Healing trauma through body-centered approaches.
• Managing anxiety through self-awareness and coping mechanisms.
• Coping mechanisms for mental health.
• Managing stress and overwhelm through self-care.
• Managing urgency culture and prioritizing well-being.
• Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care.
• Self-care, boundaries, and work-life balance.
• Setting boundaries and managing energy.
• Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care.
• Setting boundaries and healing emotional gaps.
• Mental health, self-care, and internalized success.
• Trauma, ADHD, and gender roles.
• Trauma, healing, and emotional neglect.

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About Dominiece Clifton:

Baltimore-based Dominiece Clifton is a certified yoga instructor and breathwork and meditation facilitator on a mission to enhance overall emotional education and well-being through body-centered approaches to healing. She is the founder of Move And Still™, a mission-driven company dedicated to employee wellness, and Nourish Wellness Collective™, a hybrid wellness community for women entrepreneurs and working professionals. Since launching Move And Still™ at the beginning of 2022, she has helped almost 500 beneficiaries from multiple organizations release, reconnect, and remember to achieve emotional well-being and success in life and business. Her first book on this exact subject, Hold Space To Heal: Seven Somatic Approaches to Help You Release, Reconnect, and Remember Your Power is set to be published in the summer of 2023.

At the end of 2019, after spending years with low confidence and staying small, Dominiece reached the breaking point that unleashed a fire within her. From that moment on she reclaimed her power and knew she was meant for MORE.

She went on to become a registered 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, and a certified trauma-informed breathwork and meditation facilitator, in addition to becoming a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

Dominiece has been a guest on The BeeBodi Marketplace, Barrier Breakers and Quit Playing Small podcasts, and is the host of The School of Healing podcast. She's also the recipient of multiple business pitch competitions and awards, including the CCBC Bmore Bold Pitch Competition and the We Got Your Back award.

Dominiece lives in Baltimore, MD with her family. She enjoys making memories with her loved ones as well as making time for her love of reading and learning.

Coach Danni D (Danielle Detiege) is a Luxury Brand Coach helping Women Business Owners to create luxury brands and enjoy their lives. Stay in touch with Coach Danni D by following her @yourworkflow on Instagram or at www.coachdannid.com 

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