Episode 079: Bring Excitement to Your Offer

In this episode, Coach Danni D and expert guest Stefanie Julia discuss the importance of bringing excitement to your offer and business community.

Guest Bio:
Stefanie Moton is a business coach for online fitness coaches and the founder of Catch Flights & Fitness and Profitable Passion + Purpose (P3). Through P3 she offers aspiring and existing fitness coaches a clear path to success through 1:1 and group coaching experiences. Her expertise is in guiding them to scale their energy and make more money without spending more time on their business.

In 2014, while still holding down her job in federal law enforcement, Stefanie founded InnerPhoenix Fitness which evolved to Catch Flights & Fitness – the #1 fitness coaching program for avid and aspiring travelers, with over 1,500 members. After launching that fitness coaching business from nonexistence to $15K in her first month while still working full time, Stefanie began coaching other fitness and wellness coaches on how to do the same in various masterminds. In January of 2023 she quit her full-time job and decided to go ‘all in’ on her coaching business, Profitable Passion + Purpose (P3), to show fitness coaches how to scale fast and sustainably while still working their full-time jobs.

She can be reached at: https://growyouronlinefitbiz.com/podcast


Coach Danni D (Danielle Detiege) is a Luxury Brand Coach helping Women Business Owners to create luxury brands and enjoy their lives. Stay in touch with Coach Danni D by following her @yourworkflow on Instagram or at www.coachdannid.com 

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