Episode 119: Knowing You Belong and How to Walk in Purpose

In this episode, Coach Danni talks with Shadana Chaney of Influential Life about belonging and knowing your purpose. They discuss professionalism, faith in business, and entering spaces confidently.

Topic Discussed:

  • Entrepreneurship journey, starting from childhood exposure to fashion and real estate.
  • The importance of a supportive "village" for personal and professional growth, with a focus on self-care and positive affirmations.
  • Confidence, competence, and faith in business.
  • Shifting mindset and confidence through faith and self-awareness.
  • Balancing authenticity and professionalism in workplace.
  • Dressing appropriately for work as an entrepreneur.
  • Affirmations and self-confidence for networking events.
  • Taking chances, overcoming fear, and continuous learning for entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of education and taking action in business, with a focus on purpose and spiritual growth.
  • Finding purpose and fulfillment through faith and coaching.
  • Faith, patience, and trust in God's plan for entrepreneurs.
  • Finding purpose and confidence through community support and daily action.
  • Finding purpose and happiness through faith, fashion, and fulfillment.


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