Episode 122: Finding Balance in Your Life

In this episode, Francis Love Harris and Coach Danni D discussed the importance of balance in entrepreneurship and life, emphasizing the need for self-discovery, passion, and wellness in the workplace. They shared their experiences on finding balance in life, highlighting the significance of reevaluating priorities, aligning them with one's objectives, and maintaining balance through different routines, affirmations, or prayers. They also emphasized the importance of acknowledging and releasing emotions, discovering and prioritizing joy, and incorporating massage therapy into one's routine for overall well-being.

Topic Discussed:

• Entrepreneurship, massage therapy, and work-life balance.
• Identifying areas of weakness and strength in business to achieve balance.
• Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care in personal and professional relationships.
• Finding balance in life, setting goals, and staying motivated.
• Emotional healing and building a supportive circle.
• Building support systems for college students struggling with identity and belonging.
• Prioritizing relationships and compartmentalizing time for personal and professional growth.
• Finding joy and happiness through personalized activities and self-care.
• Finding joy in everyday things.
• Finding joy and being present in life.
• Parenting, sacrifices, and intentional time with children.
• Prioritizing time with loved ones and self-care.
• Benefits of massage therapy for physical and mental well-being.
• Finding balance and joy in life.


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About Francis Love Harris:

Frances Love Harris, Founder & CEO of Peace of Serenity Massage & Wellness and has been instrumental in offering massage therapy & wellness services located in Harvey, 10 minutes away from the city of New Orleans. While she also provides wellness services to business during conventions, festivals and in the workplace as Employee Wellness Benefits. With a career spanning several years, Frances has held the title of a licensed and certified massage therapist since 2016. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is evident as she consistently refines her skills, incorporating various modalities into her repertoire to provide the utmost quality service to her esteemed clients.
Prior to her venture into the realm of massage therapy, Frances achieved notable success in regional leadership within the hospitality industry, accumulating over a decade of invaluable experience.
Over the past eight years, Frances has passionately advocated for and educated others on the importance of prioritizing self-care. Her impact extends beyond her massage therapy practice, as she engages with the community through outreach programs and workshops, fostering overall wellness for individuals within the community.
Frances Love Harris is not only a trailblazer in her industry but also a visionary leader who founded NOLA Wellness Pros—an organization dedicated to creating a vibrant and supportive community for wellness professionals in the New Orleans and surrounding areas.
Beyond her professional achievements, Frances is a devoted mother of three and a trusted friend. Each of these roles reflects her profound passion for people and her unwavering commitment to improving their overall well-being. Whether through her entrepreneurial pursuits or her dedication to loved ones, Frances embodies a spirit of care and compassion that leaves a lasting impact on all those fortunate enough to
know her. https://www.instagram.com/posmassage

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