Are you Losing $$ By Not Telling Your Story?

brand loyalty branding business owner mindset client experience marketing tell your story May 14, 2021

​I must admit that I didn't always see the value in sharing my story. As an introvert and someone who has been in supporting roles my whole life, I rather enjoyed being behind the scenes and letting my work make the noise for me. I had even been told on several occasions that I should come from behind the scenes but I didn't think it was a good idea. No one would care about my story. And honestly, I worried that some would overlook my business if they knew I was a black woman before they experienced my work. Unfortunately, the stereotypes of black-owned businesses are still a relevant issue. It wasn't until I was challenged by another black businesswoman who spoke to all of my concerns that I realized the importance of sharing my story. 

Your story is what connects you to your target client. It is what makes you more than just a person that does XYZ. They can go to anyone to get a product or service but it is your story that keeps them coming back to you. When your customer connects to your brand story, they become a loyal customer and advocate for your brand with their friends and family. 

I personally saw my business grow exponentially and my client relationships deepen when I was brave enough to share my story and become my brand. Become the go-to person for your clients. Help them connect to you so that they will never think about calling anyone else because you are their one and only!

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