Dear Danielle,... A Thank You Letter to Myself

business owner mindset selfcare Mar 17, 2021

Dear Danielle,

I want to take this moment to tell you THANK YOU! Thank you for not just wanting more but for going after it. For pushing forward with the fear, anxiety, self-doubt, uncertainty, stress, weight of the expectations of others all speaking loudly. You did the work when it was hard and scary. You may have paused a bunch of times, but you never stopped. You were honest enough with yourself to not let fear disguised as excuses let you off the hook. It was not always easy, and you did not always like it but you sat in the uncomfortable because you knew it was worth it. That we were worth it!
Thank you for investing your time and energy, (and money lol) into becoming the best version of us! Despite judgment, being misunderstood, and even push back from others, you keep going because you trusted in the fact that it was all worth it. You replaced the fear and doubt with self-love. You shed all the obligations that world put on you, superwoman, strong black woman, traditional career path and created a life of peace, happiness, and fulfilment. You learned to be vulnerable and the strength that is found in vulnerability. You learned to live your life in the face of all the longstanding beliefs and traditions that kept you in bondage for too long. You stood your ground when the world tried to pull you back into the toxic spaces that you decidedly left. 

Thank you for believing! For believing that happiness and peace were possible. Believing that there was more out there than what you were living. Believing that you could have more. That you could accomplish that more. And most importantly, that God had designed you for more. 

Thank you for sitting in that uncomfortable silence to be able to hear HIS voice. For realizing that all else was noise and distraction keeping you from HIS plan for your life. For allowing HIM to quiet the fear and anxiety and speak your destiny SO loudly that you couldn’t help but to listen. Thank you for enduring the silence so that today I can appreciate the silence and actually find comfort in it. 

Thank you for giving me a deeper relationship with my family. And with myself. I know who I am and what is in alignment with who I am becoming because you did the uncomfortable work! Knowing myself makes all my relationships deeper and stronger. 

Thank you for bringing me from stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, tired, toxic environments, people-pleasing, self-neglecting, high blood pressure, anxiety-filled to peace, calm, happiness, enjoying all areas of my life, running two businesses in my pajamas, carrying out God calling on my life, helping others have their breakthrough so that they can write their own Thank You letters. 
I love you and you are a perfectly imperfect soul. You are a loving wife, mother, and friend. You are caring and kind while being guarded and reserved at times. You light up when you are discussing the things that you love, your family, close friends, anything business related, and cooking. You love hard so you are incredibly careful who you let in your inner circle. You are a giver by nature and want to see everyone succeed. You have found your peace and will fight anyone or anything that tries to disturb it. 

It has been a beautiful journey so far, but we have so much more left to do. Thank you for getting us this far and preparing us for what is to come. Thank you for building the foundation that will help us to grow to the next level and whatever that entails. 


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