Finding Your Happy You!

intentional joy mindset possibility selfcare work/life balance Feb 16, 2023

The last 10 years of my life (guessing at a number because covid has thoroughly eff'd up my time estimation) have been all about a journey of growth and discovery. I wanted more for myself, I wanted to be confident in what I brought to the table, I wanted to be happy. Like truly and fully happy. Not just the surface happy because life was "good". Not smiling while all I really wanted to do was get off the hamster wheel and go take a nap. Not constantly trying to achieve in hopes that my happiness was at the end of that rainbow. 

I wanted to have joy and fulfillment. Be in the moment. To enjoy what I was doing and be surrounded by loving and supportive people while I was doing it. I wanted a space that didn't bring anxiety, pressure, stress, doubt. 

I get asked a lot now how and why I live so unapologetically in my happy space. The "how" is because I just kept pushing and keep pushing every day to create the life I want to live. On my terms and by my standards for what ''success" looks like. I figure if I can fight to keep all the balls in the air for something I don't like, I can put that same energy into something I am absolutely in love with. And that is the why! Cause I can and why wouldn't I?

I share all of this because I want you to know that your happiness is not out of reach. But it will not be attached to a person, a thing, or an accomplishment. It comes from really getting to know what makes you happy and pursuing it with all of your energy. Doing the self-work!

Right now my focus is on growing what brings me joy and embracing that I am entitled to be happy. I share my recent photos by the amazing Sarah Dickerson because they represent me embracing all sides of my personality and being comfortable just being me. That was not always the case. I have tied my happiness to a certain weight or size, income level, or title. But ultimately it results from me loving myself as I am and learning the beauty of how I am uniquely made. 

You are also uniquely and beautifully made. So take the journey of loving all of you, especially those parts that you are the hardest on yourself about. Or those things that you think make you weird or different. Deprogram those voices that tell you that you have to be someone or something else to be worthy of love, happiness, or acceptance. Find your happiness and spend every day getting closer and closer to it being your new normal. 

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