Spring Forward! Are You Ready to Take a Leap?

face your fear marketing selfcare tell your story Apr 14, 2021

This month I celebrate two important anniversaries. Early April 2016, I made the decision to invest in myself and my business and attended a professional conference. That might not sound that dynamic, but it was. Prior to that point my business was a side hustle pretending to be a business. I was working a full-time job that was not fulfilling to me and doing my business on the side. I had customers but I had no real plan for the businesses. I decided that I need to make a change if I wanted more.
I had just returned from an educational trip with my son. I had work piling up and I was already super paranoid about taking time off, but something was calling me. One of the biggest industry conferences was happening in my own city. I didn’t have to pay for travel or hotel, just the conference. I hesitated and second-guessed myself several times. I actually registered in person the night before the first day of the conference.
This was an out of character move, but it was the decision that began a journey of a lifetime. I soaked up all the knowledge I could about how to run a successful balloon business and left with an action plan. I began implementing what a I learned and day by day my business become the focus and my job was the side hustle!
Fast-Forward to April 11, 2018. That was my last day at my job. I had developed an exit strategy and had a planned last day but that day I realized that I could not spend one more day being miserable. The moment I said to my husband “I’m quitting today,” a weight was lifted, and I felt a peace that I had not had in years. I knew that God had ordered my steps. The thing that I had been so nervous about just felt right. My anxiety was replaced with a feeling of calmness. The following two weeks were my highest grossing to date. Just another confirmation that God had been waiting on me to be ready to step into what he had prepared for me.
This journey has not just been about the growth of my business. It has mainly been about me becoming the person that was willing to do what it takes to get the life I wanted. And believing that it was possible. Now the things that matter most to me are the center of my life. I can have a thriving business, now two, spend time with my family, travel (pre-covid), and have time for myself.
Everyone’s journey is different, and the details will be different but there is something that is calling you too. Something that you need to take seriously. Are you ready to take your leap? It doesn’t have to be a huge jump all at once, it can be a step towards the life that you want. Or simply believing that it IS POSSIBLE!

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