The moment things changed...

face your fear intentional mindset possibility Apr 08, 2024

I could probably write 10 different versions of this since there were a bunch of little moments that led up to big change. They all have the same underlying themes so I am going to focus on this one since it popped up in my Facebook memories last week.

I was working in an environment that was not good for mental or physical health and I knew I needed to find another job. After several interviews and 2nd interviews, I had no offers. I started to question myself and get discouraged. Then God said to me, the reason it is not working is because you need to bet on yourself not another job. It was time to focus on my business and make it my exit strategy.

Of course, this was a scary idea to go from a steady paycheck to a full-time entrepreneur. But I knew it was what I was supposed to do. I started working on my exit strategy and one of the biggest parts of that was building up the business so that it would already be replacing my income before I quit. That seemed daunting since my balloon business was at that time side income. 

I saw an ad for the World Balloon Conference. It was in my city, New Orleans. I felt like it was a sign. How could I not go when it was literally down the street? But I had just returned from a trip with my son's extracurricular program. How could I take off again less than 2 weeks later? 

In that moment, I knew I had to just take the risk. I went to the host hotel the day before the event, registered onsite and put in my leave notice at work. This was happening!

I was so nervous attending this conference by myself. I didn't really know a lot of people in the industry at that time and my introverted nature was heightened. But I pushed on. I met so nice people who helped me feel more comfortable and I focused in on my mission. 

My plan was to find out if I could really make a living in this industry. I went to every business class and panel discussion that I could. I knew I could learn technique but it had to be sellable and sustainable to be a business. I took notes, identified action items, and got feedback from those who had done what I wanted to do!

I left the conference confident that I could do this! I made a plan based on my notes and action items and began to execute. Two years later, almost to the day, I left my job and became a full-time entrepreneur! And in that 1st year, I hit six figures! 

Like I said this was one of many moments. And this is the abbreviated version of that story. There were many twists and turns, growth, and lessons along the way. But it all started with being brave enough to bet on myself. Being bold enough to do the thing that scared me. Being convicted enough to ignore the easy excuses to back away. And being committed enough to see it through to the end!

We are faced with many moments on this journey and sometimes we take the leap and just keep swimming but other times we shrink back. 

I share this story because it is a time that I leaped and that leap led to other leaps and growth both personally and professionally that have changed my life. 

When I am standing at the edge wanting to retreat to what is comfortable, I need to be reminded of all the doors opened because I leapt!


What leap do you need to take? What's holding you back? 






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