The Year of Joy!

alignment business owner mindset intentional joy luxury word of the year Jan 04, 2023

As we enter a new year, it is typically a time for reflection on the past year and setting intentions for the coming year. I love looking through old pictures, journals, goals, client testimonials, and awards. It is a great way to remember all of the wonderful things that happened and inspire new intentions for the coming year. 

As I was looking through my photos from the year, I noticed that there were so many pictures that depicted happiness. Smiles, smiles, and more smiles. I started the year wanting to travel more, have a bigger impact with my businesses, and spend more time with family and friends. My word for the year was intentional. I was very intentional about doing all of those things and making sure they were at the forefront. And, I made progress in each area all while running a profitable business. I could have the life and the business that I want as long as I was intentional about it. 

I entered the year with intention but I ended the year with Joy. The joy came from being intentional and aligning my actions with my desires. This led me to my word for this year, JOY. This year my focus is to find joy in all areas of my life and as often as possible. Life is meant to be enjoyed not just tolerated. I want to continue to live a joyful life that incorporates all of the things I love.  I also want to help others find what brings them joy in their lives and know that they can make those things a priority! 

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